About NSK

Nordic Co-operation Committee for complementary and alternative Medicine (NSK) is an association for the branschorganizations for complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic organizations have agreed upon the importance of a high standard on health treatments in the complementary and alternative medicine field.

NSK has noticed, that the complementary and alternative medicine and the conventional medicine are working out of different paradigm. They can therefor not be measured with each other’s standards. The disciplines are therefore not to be integrated, but to increase their co-operation to the benefice of the clients, to keep their sovereignty and distinguishing markers according to the inclusive model of WHO (see the document: WHO Strategy for Traditional Medicine/Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2002-2005).

Work and fundamental goals of NSK

  • To stimulate the use of complementary and alternative therapy within the Nordic countries.
  • To support the possibility of a united Nordic market for the practitioners.
  • To work for an unanimous educational level for practitioners, including basic education in medicine.
  • Establish an ethical regulation form for all Nordic countries.
  • To straitened the position of the practitioners within the Health care system and the society.
  • To increase the co-operation on European level.
  • To establish a quality security system for practitioners, adequate to the discipline.